After I returned to work, my supply (which was already low) had started to decrease. I asked around and a few friends were using more milk plus. After the first night of using it I had already noticed a difference, now after a week of using it, I have more than doubled my supply! Thank you so much!!!
Deserae Faulk (Mulberry, FL)
After missing the opportunity to have a natural childbirth succesfully breastfeeding was very important to me. However, I had difficulty producing enough milk for my daughter since the very beggining. After consulting with a lactation nurse she suggested taking 3 capusules three times a day of blessed thistle and fenugreek- 6 pills three times a day! The owner of my local vitamin store introduced me to More Milk Plus capsules. I first started using them just to reduce the amount of pills to swallow, but I have noticed that it works better than the other pills also. I reccomend following the directions and waiting 15 min before and after food or drink. My milk supply has really taken off! Thank you so much for providing support to my dream of being a natural mommy!
Ginger (Houston, TX)
I was a little skeptical when I bought these as I saw so many woman on the internet who said they were over 175lbs and that the pills didn’t work. Well I bought them because my daughter wasn’t latching…the day before they came she decided to latch I decided to try them anyways, I ended up taking one pill that night the next morning I had to pump I was engorged…I tried them a few more times same results..one pill once a day and I’m 230lbs. So now I am back at work haven’t been taking them bc she latched and still does but I have to pump for when I’m at work which means my supply went down again. I take two pills once or twice a day depending on how my supply is looking and no joke each time get 6 to 8 ounces combined both breasts. I love these pills they are a life saver for keeping us going on the breastfeeding experience. In the future I will be buying more and if/when I have more kids these will be my best friend.
Amanda (Valrico, FL)